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1st Team - 2012/2013

Sandbach RUFC 1st XV- Season 2012/2013 


As with every new season but with this season especially, there is a great deal of excitement around Sandbach RUFC as we approach our first season as a Level 5 club. Winning North One West last season was fantastic and it was a great honour to captain the club through that time. I now believe we are going to be playing rugby at a standard to match our wonderful facilities that are continuously being developed. This season we will be playing against some of the top clubs in the Midlands Division. In many cases we will be playing against teams for the first time in our history and we are really looking forward to meeting, new teams, new challenges and taking a few points back home on the bus. I’d like to give a special welcome to those players visiting Bradwall Road for the first time. I hope that you enjoy your game (but not too muchJ) and that you’ll stay and relax with a small pint in the clubhouse after the game. It certainly will not be an easy year, but the players have acknowledged this and I have never seen them work as hard as they have this summer, both individually and collectively. It has been nice to see a few old faces returning after completing their studies and I would like to offer a warm welcome to all returning and new players, whichever team or age group you find yourself settling into. I hope you have a long and happy time at Sandbach. My best wishes go out to our team captains, Russ Dymond (2nd XV), Xander Munro (3rd XV) and Mark Thompson (4th XV) for their forthcoming campaigns. ‘Dymo’, ‘Xander’ and ‘Thommo’ and their teams are an integral part of this club and their importance to this club cannot be understated. As Club Captain I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players, from Under-6 to nearly 60, for the time and commitment they give to both team and personal training and for all the games they play on behalf of the club. Over a season a lot of hours are invested by the players to try and get the results we all want and I would personally like to express my sincere appreciation for all their sacrifices.  I would like to thank our ballboys and touch judges for the season; your efforts are genuinely appreciated. I would like to thank all the sponsors of Sandbach RUFC for their support and continued investment.  

Last but by no means least; I would like to thank you in advance for all the support you will give all teams over the seasonand throughout the season. I hope you visit us soon (and regularly) and enjoy the facilities Sandbach RUFC has to offer.


Will Stockdale Club Captain: August 2012


Sandbach Clinch Promotion to National League Rugby 24th March 2012: Sandbach celebrate winning North One: West
Contact Stuart Battersby: or 07801 306404

  1st Team               Posted         Author 
  Fixtures & Results 

Acceptable Icon04/08/2012 Wilmslow 7 - Sandbach 67
Unacceptable Icon11/08/2012 Chester 29 - Sandbach 19
14/08/2012 Sandbach 50 - Warrington 50
Unacceptable Icon26/08/2012 (C) Caldy 30 - Sandbach 28
Acceptable Icon01/09/2012 (L) Sandbach 35 - Derby 5
Acceptable Icon08/09/2012 (L) Mansfield 0 - Sandbach 18
Unacceptable Icon15/09/2012 (L) Sandbach 6 - Nuneaton 15
Unacceptable Icon22/09/2012 (L) Longton 23 - Sandbach 13
Acceptable Icon29/09/2012 (L) Sandbach 46 - Scunthorpe 19
Acceptable Icon06/10/2012 (L) Sandbach 38 - South Leicester 22
Acceptable Icon13/10/2012 (L) Newport (Salop) 20 - Sandbach 25
Unacceptable Icon20/10/2012 (L) Sandbach 21 - Sutton Coldfield 27
Acceptable Icon27/10/2012 (L) Syston 0 - Sandbach 26
Unacceptable Icon03/11/2012 (L) Sandbach 14 - Ampthill 43
Unacceptable Icon17/11/2012 (L) Broadstreet 23 - Sandbach 18
Unacceptable Icon24/11/2012 (L) Sandbach 23 - Hinkley 26
Unacceptable Icon08/12/2012 (L) Bournville 24 - Sandbach 22
Acceptable Icon15/12/2012 (L) Sandbach 52 - Mansfield 0
22/12/2012 (L) Nuneaton v Sandbach - Postponed
Unacceptable Icon05/01/2013 (L) Sandbach 15 - Longton 25
Acceptable Icon12/01/2013 (L) Scunthorpe 8 - Sandbach 22
19/01/2013 (L) Nuneaton v Sandbach - Postponed
26/01/2013 (L) South Leicester v Sandbach - Postponed
Unacceptable Icon02/02/2013 (L) Sandbach 12 - Newport (Salop) 15
Unacceptable Icon09/02/2013 (L) Nuneaton 34 - Sandbach 14
Unacceptable Icon16/02/2013 (L) Sutton Coldfield 31 - Sandbach 5
Acceptable Icon23/02/2013 (L) South Leicester 16 - Sandbach 21
Acceptable Icon02/03/2013 (L) Sandbach 49 - Syston 26
Unacceptable Icon09/03/2013 (L) Ampthill 43 - Sandbach 13
Acceptable Icon23/03/2013 (L) Sandbach 23 - Broadstreet 5
Unacceptable Icon06/04/2013 (L) Hinkley 31 - Sandbach 12
Acceptable Icon13/04/2013 (L) Sandbach 39 - Bournville 15
Acceptable Icon20/04/2013 (L) Derby 8 - Sandbach 73

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1st Team

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Derby 8 - Sandbach 73

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