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2nd Team

Sandbach 39 - Whitchurch 2 5

Sat 4 October 2008

The winds were blowing and the rains were pouring but a spirited Sandbach team saw the return of the five try scoring machine Alex George. Before the game there was high hopes for the flying Alsager man. With the absence of 2nd team manager Dan Faulkner former 1st team lock and returning hard man Andy ‘BIG AL’ Lee punched his way into a starting spot for Saturday’s game. Club captain Tim Oakes’ new TV stand (packed full of adoring women) and the team having flair and speed, made the day feel like a Hollywood Movie premiere rather than a gloomy day in the Bach.
The 1st half saw some of the best free flowing rugby to date but without much in the way of results. The Whitchurch defence was broken on many occasions from excellent forward work and sexy back running lines, the pick of the backs being one Rud Omono who seemed to be parting the Whitchurch defence like he use to part women’s legs in his younger years, with pin point passing from Ali B and Matthew Stanway but these breaks were not turned into points until an unlikely source of Neil Day popped up at the back of a driving maul and Sandbach opened their account. With the game still close it was the flair of Lee Pickles who from the back of the scrum picked up dummied a pass to the 9 and then dragged the opposition 9 and 6 over the try line scoring and powerful try, Stanway missing AGAIN.
This is when the Sandbach team gained confidence with the ball being thrown around the pitch with great vision and style. The gaps were being breached but try’s were the missing ingredient to this diet of classy rugby.
At half time the side were please with their performance but knew they needed the try’s, so after some inspirational words spoken in the most boring of fashions from their resident monotone captain William Rees.
The lads went back onto the pitch bored and a little tired but they soon were snaped out of it by 3 time top try scorer at the club Tim Jones when he was put clear 60 metres out. With the defence scampering to make the tackles he popped the ball inside for a bit of rugby ping pong passing and Jones Popped up for a good looking try. Con Missed for the last time by Matt Stanway.
The next try was set in the Summer of 69 when our very own Meat Loaf went over for Sandbach’s 3rd try. Meat Loaf topped a excellent performance when he went living on a prayer at the back of a scrum and intercepted a pass between 9 and 8 and sped away to the line. With the wind picking up Pickles was unfortunate to miss this difficult conversion.
Excellent running rugby was to follow with an attack falling short of the line wide right the ball was shipped to the other side of the pitch where Ali B made a decisive break and put Neil Day in for his second, Pickles Slotting the difficult conversion.
The next try came from a good set of phases and Lee Pcikles out pacing his opponent and going through the gap, he then unselfishly drew the fullback and put Pete in for a score in the corner. He then went and hit the post with the kick.
This reporters man of the match award must go to the massive Dan Stubs who won all his own line out whilst stealing most of there’s and also putting in some massive tackles and line busting runs.

The final score was 34-7, the score if Sandbach had kept to a very basic and boring game plan could have run up 50 points quite easily however with the chance to entertain the crowd at Bradwall road the ball was thrown around. There will be time for boring rugby but thank the lord it wasn’t today more entertainment please.

Many thanks to Lee Pickles for this excellent report.

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