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Under 11

Sandbach 14 - Wrexham 7

Sun 4 March 2007

Two wins on the trot, but lets not get carried away. Wrexham turned up a player short and Alastair Thompson volunteered to play for them. Big up for Alastair who played well and we include him in the winning side because he showed commitment to rugby not just the Club.
The first half was a one sided affair played in what were horrible conditions, freezing cold and driving rain. Uncontested scrums were the call of the day as Wrexham do not start driving forward until next year although they did decide to "have a go" at one stage but the ref (one Richard Stakes who once again showed why he refs the matches, who said because no one else wants to? - no you do a great job Stakesy!) called a halt and told them to desist forthwith (well thats what it sounded like from the touchline). But from near enough the first move the ball came down the back line to Tom Cree to score in the corner. Robert Coggon once again stepped up to the sticks to slot over nicely. There was some very nice plays from the Sandbach team, mainly in the rucks where we were winning 90% of them, scrums, how does Thomas Stakes get round the opposition side so quickly? Mauls, good hands and certainly from George Beal and Joe Jackson a "you will not rip the ball away from me" attitude. Joe Jackson scored the inevitable second try and Robert Coggon took the two points blindfolded. Highlight of the half for me (and no apologies if it seems biased) was Joe Stock, our loosehead prop, catching the ball around his knees out on the left wing and with a blistering turn of pace (for Joe) nearly scoring a try apart from putting one of those big feet into touch, we will make a winger of him yet.
The second half was a more even affair and to Wrexham's credit they stuck with it and scored a nice try from which they converted. Nicest comment overheard on the touchline was from one of the Wrexham coaches: "Please God let Ellis score a try, he's my lad", I kid you not.
Well down to every player in the squad for a great performance in poor conditions.
Biggest thanks from the squad and coaching staff is to the parents who stayed to the bitter end supporting the team. It would have been so easy to go to the Club house for a hot drink and to keep warm.
Final thing, my hat was outdone on the day by a hair style. Nice one Amanda!!!

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