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Under 11

Sandbach 0 - Wilmslow Festival 1

Sun 15 April 2007

When we arrived we were in a group with Wilmslow, Macclesfield 2 and Mold. Due to withdrawals this was hastily re-arranged and we ended up (finally) in a group with Macclesfield 1 and Altrincham Kersal. This mean't that we had two games, one at 11.00am and then the next at 12.45pm if following the programme schedules. Inevitably the timings slipped forward(!!) a touch but we still got dinner in first.
First game against Macclesfield 1, their strong team, having the memory of losing to them the previous month. Well we beat them 10-5. Tries by Danny and Robert sealing the victory. Some good rugby was being played in what could only be described as desert temperatures.
Second game was against Altrincham Kersal who were a stronger side than Macc. We lost this 5-10. Unfortunately I must have been suffering from sunstroke as although I recorded the score the name of the scorer eluded me, could have been anyone, even me.
Kersal beat Macc to progress to the semi final leaving us to make our way home in the sweltering heat
Greystones (Ireland) beat Crewe and Nantwich in the final.

This was a well organised festival, played in good spirit accompanied by fantastic weather, what a difference from Macc the month before.

Thanks to the travelling band of spectators who support us through thick and thin, you really help the team and are the 13th man!

Squad was: Joe Stock; Thomas Cree; Megan Standring; Cameron Rae; Nathan Norwood; Joe Jackson; Alastair Thompson; Thomas Stakes; George Beal; Anthony Dowell; Danny Owen; Robert Coggon; Ashleigh Walton.

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