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Under 10

Sandbach 10 - Chester 20

Sun 17 November 2002

Unsure as to whether Broughton Park had an under 10's team, we approached Chester who stepped in at the last moment and sent over a mixture of 2nd and 3rd team players. We knew this was to be a tough game for the Scorpions as the Chester 3rds had already narrowly beaten us earlier in the season. We started slowly and soon found ourselves two scores behind, however, without the superb tackling of many players, most notably Ben Sharpe the score could have been more. Under the captaincy of Joe Barton who led from the front, the whole team refused to lie down and started to play some very attractive rugby as a team. Katie Mc, Nick M and Thomas J all showed they were capable of breaking the line with some impressive weaving runs, however, not to be undone Tom W showed a more direct route and burst through like an Ox on several occasions (prop mind set already!). At half time only 10 points down and all was not lost.

Chester then scored immediately from the restart, but heads did not go down and a swift passing move to the right wing saw Alex Clutterbuck run in a try from the half way line, hooker on the wing running - shades of Saturday me thinks!!. Chester scored again, but with new found spirit and belief in their skills Sandbach pinned Chester back on their try line. Chester had to defend doggedly to keep out the repeated Sandbach assaults. In a last ditch effort and with a break from the back of a maul Alistair Allen spotted the gap and scored in the corner, this proved to be the last action of the game.

All in all a simply wonderful display by The Scorpions, with every player showing much improvement in many areas. All players deserved a pat on the back and can only go on to greater things in the future.

Player of the Match: Ben ?I've been watching 'Johnny Wilks' tackle? Sharpe

Tom 'The Ox' W, Alex 'Linford' C, Joe 'The Cap' B, Nick M, Alistair Allen, Thomas J,
Katie Mc, Ben D, Ben 'Wilks' S.

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