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Under 10

Leek 10 - Sandbach 20

Sun 8 December 2002

Again we wondered what is lacking from the Sandbach diet, Leek were a much larger side. Leek have done well to build a squad from scratch this year as they had no under 9s last year. Leek won the toss and elected to start, 15 seconds and no tackles later they were 5 - 0 up thanks to a couple of passes and a run through various Sandbach players on our left flank who watched. Now we got our hands on the ball, sustained pressure on the Leek line but cold hands lead to a series of scrums, the smaller Sandbach front row acting as a unit won every scrum of the game regardless of put in, well-done lads. From one of these scrums against the head, Elliot Moore passed to Jack Robinson who rounded the defence to level the score at 5 - 5. Leek restart, we can all guess what happened?15 seconds and no tackles later they were 10 - 5 up thanks to a couple of passes and a run through the same Sandbach players on our left flank who watched. Thank goodness for cut and paste! Again more Sandbach pressure; we were competing well at line outs although the Leek front jumper having his hands in his pockets could just have helped here. James Stops broke with the ball and was high tackled, from the resulting penalty, Moore passed to Robinson who then passed to Chris Burrows at pace to score, 10 - 10. The second half saw Thomas Jackson leave the field due to excess cold, Alistair Allen switched to Centre and Sam Wiskow make his debut for the club on the wing. Burrows was replaced by Tom Wardle at Tight Head. Sandbach tightened their grip and then through a pair of tries for Allen, one again from ball against the head, they sewed up the game.

Team: Stops, Cooper, Burrows (Wardle), Moore, Robinson, Allen, Jackson (Wiskow), Clutterbuck, Dutton


Second game Leek U10 0 - Sandbach Scorpions 30

Facing basically the same Leek team, Sandbach fielded an entirely new team, they knew what to expect and the warning regarding our left wing was heeded, they shall not pass. This team upped the tempo and with Will Bordill and Will Jepson harassing the Leek team at every stage they were going backwards. Leek were winning scrum ball even on our put in but it was of little use as their Half Backs always received a William along with the ball. Peter ? made his debut for the club replacing the irrepressible Bordill. The ball went through hands and the gaps on the wings opened up, long-range tries were run in by Bordill (2), Connor Benson (2), Nick Rogers, Will Jepson, and Luke Gross. Leek were tiring and getting dispirited, so the referee stopped the game on the 7th try. The outstanding feature of this game was the way the backs worked for the ball and tackled giving the forwards a chance to support, the passing then freed up the space and we really used it. Well done to all and a particular thanks to the Leek players for being up for a second game in the cold conditions.

Team: Barton, Muldoon, Thompson, Jepson, Rogers, Benson, Bordill (Peter ?), Gross, Hurlstone-Johnson

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