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Under 10

Sandbach 20 - Broughton Park 5

Sun 17 November 2002

After watching the other members of the Scorpions squad put in their best performance to date against Chester, this team were not in any doubt what was required. Broughton Park had brought along a team of mixed U10s and U11s, I watched the closing minutes of their game against Sandbach U11s and my major worry was the size of some of their players who looked big by U12 standards.

Broughton Park agreed to a game against us at U10 rules and left out some of their bigger U11s, we still looked small. A pep talk to the scrum and the whole squad, these boys were not about to let themselves or us down.

The game started and the tackles thundered in and true to the old maxim, even big ones can't run without their legs. We kept our shape well and realigned quickly to prevent gaps. Will Jepson then put in a smother tackle and looked mightily surprised as the bigger Broughton Park boy seemed to hand over the ball to him, not one to hang about, Will sped to the line for our first try. Surely BP would now bludgeon their way down the field, they tried and they tried but each time were repelled by excellent cover and tackling. Our front row of James Stops, Joseph Cooper and Chris Burrows were more than holding our own in the scrums against a much bigger front row. We had a high number of scrums and the ref quite rightly ensured that they were set correctly, he even got a lecture from the Broughton Park Scrum Half (Matt Dawson?) on how boring all these scrums were. At this point I was warned to watch one of their players as he seemed to be deliberately out to hurt players, I didn't see this so cannot comment, however an accidental knock to this player's nose had him pleading to go off. Oh dear, Broughton Park then put on their biggest player at Loose Head, we were dwarfed by their size, a lecture from the ref about only pushing 1.5 metres, their put in, our snap and drive, oh dear we didn't listen about the 1.5 metres! What does Chris Burrows have for breakfast, brilliant! Reset the scrum. From a further scrum taken against the head Connor Benson, playing scrum half, whipped the ball away, it went down the line and Jack Robinson went over on the left wing, fantastic play. We had the ball over the line again but failed to ground it, Jack Robinson showing just how good a player he is.

Broughton Park were now looking ragged, arguing amongst themselves, surely the bigger and older team is supposed to win? Three tries down and it was obvious that the more disciplined and committed approach was winning. The defence yet again held firm and drove Broughton Park backwards, Will Bordill, Captain and Inside Centre then took the ball and powered over in a direct run to score.

Half time, James Stops was replaced at Loose Head by Luke Gross and Jack Robinson at Left wing by Kurt Hurlestone-Johnson, these replacements were purely on rotation and it was good to see how disappointed the players were to be leaving the fray and how eager the new players were to get stuck in.

Second Half - more of the same, fantastic tackling, great distribution, we were creating and finding space, the back line was being marshalled by Nick Rogers and kept good shape. Elliot Moore was as tenacious in tackling, getting the loose ball and running as ever and although he didn?t receive the ball much, made a telling contribution to the whole team. The addition of Luke Gross to the scrum maintained our edge and had the opposition going backwards, from a turn over ball Will Bordill broke down the right, looked for support and timed his pass beautifully for Will Jepson to score his second try. Kurt Hurlestone-Johnson came off his wing looking for work in attack and defence. Two injuries saw the ever competitive Joseph Cooper replaced at Hooker by James Stops and Will Bordill at Inside Centre by Jack Robinson.

We went looking for another try only to let a Broughton Park player run through some tackles to score, you have to tackle to the end lads.

All in all the best performance this season with every player having a good game and playing for the team. We now have to build on this against teams who will be more organised and competitive than today's opponents. There was no player of the match this week, and as captain, Will Bordill accepted it on behalf of the whole team.

James Stops (Luke Gross), Joseph Cooper (James Stops), Chris Burrows, Connor Benson, Jack Robinson (Kurt Hurlestone-Johnson), Nick Rogers, Will Bordill (Jack Robinson), Will Jepson, Elliot Moore.

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