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Under 10

Stoke Festival - Stafford 5 - Sandbach 25

Sun 27 April 2003

We had seen Stafford lose against Stoke and draw against Caldy, they were a big side but even on the narrow pitch they didn?t move the ball out to the wings. A simple plan for this game ? win it and you have won the festival, tackle them up the middle of the park spread the ball wide when we get it. Nick Rogers opened the scoring and we seemed to be containing the Stafford drives by tackling and then driving through to their next player who was receiving the ball directly behind the tackled player. Another strong drive up field by Sandbach saw the ball pop out to Will Bordill who did well to dive for the line and keep away from the touch line. Ten points to nil at half time, seven minutes to go. Immediately from the restart we got the ball out to our right wing, Kurt Hurlstone-Johnson who broke through the first tackle, feinted to go inside and then stepped on the gas to go outside the defender to sprint from the half way line. Stafford then broke down their right wing to score in the corner, time to concentrate, another drive up the pitch from forwards and backs combining well and Jack Robinson went over for a try. In the last minutes, Elliot Moore took a nasty bang to the face and the game was interrupted while the St John Ambulance crew looked after him. Again time to keep focused on the task in hand.
The game restarted and Nick Rogers went over to seal the victory in what was our best performance of the day.

Team: James Stops, Joseph Cooper, Joe Barton, Elliot Moore, Jack Robinson, Will Bordill (Connor Benson), William Jepson, Nick Rogers, Kurt Hurlestone-Johnson.

In summary the team played well today because it played as a team, 6 of the backs scored 9 tries between them and the forwards grafted all day to provide the ball with which to do so.

Players of the tournament went to Joe Barton for his best display to date, combative in the tight, and great support play and running in the loose. The other went to Nick Rogers for a fine all round display of tackling, leading the team and scoring well.

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