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Under 16

Sandbach 31 - Stoke 0

Sun 6 April 2003

The score line does not fully relate what a poor morning for Rugby this was.

The behaviour of both sets of parents was a not what is expected at any
Rugby match never mind a Junior one. The constant 'sniping' between parents
only encouraged similar behaviour on the pitch which ensured that the game
itself became more of a battle of words than a rugby contest.
Games between these two sets of lads have been 'feisty' affairs for as long
as I can remember but this turned out to be one of the worst.

Contrary to the belief of the visitors I saw a hard game of Rugby with a few
incidents on both sides which were a little over the top.
As is often the belief the 'home' ref is 'blind and one sided', but his
difficult job was made no easier by touchline comments and player
indiscipline and back chat on both sides.

The game itself had some excellent spells within it, with Sandbach playing
some excellent forward drives and support play.
Stoke always looked dangerous with their half backs playing well all
afternoon until injury forced Steve Talbot(guest fly half on Sandbach's tour
to Ireland) to leave the pitch.

By half time playing up the hill Sandbach had opened up a 17-Nil lead with
tries from Tom Arnold, Donal Radcliffe and Rich Jones. One converted by Mark
Down to 14 men in the second half and playing up hill it was going to be
difficult for Stoke and when they went to 13 men it was decided to reduce
the length of the second half.
Sandbach scored 2 further tries in the second half by Phil Meir and Rich
Jones both converted by Mark Bird.

Chris Butler

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