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4th Team

Sandbach 44 - Carrington 2 17

Sat 31 January 2009

This week saw the arrival of Carrington 2s to Bradwall Road for their first match against the 4s. Unfortunately, the away fixture had to be conceded by Carrington earlier this season due to lack of players but luckily, it seems like they've managed to right the ship and fulfil their fixtures and notched up some wins along the way. On their arrival, I was informed they only had 12 players so, having 17 myself, I offered 2 players to Carrington to even things up a little bit.

This meant no subs for Sandbach but it did mean everyone got a full game so Sandbach started with Jammer and Babs propping for the second week in a row, with a returning Chris Howell hooking(!!) for us. Griffo and Paul made up the second row, Ryan started this week at 6 to make up for not getting on at all last week. Rich G started at 7 and Mahone played number 8 due to Martin Lee needing his sleep. I took the 9 shirt, with Ed moving inside a couple of places to 10, meaning Rob & Skippy took the 12 & 13 shirt respectively, Dom took his usual 11 shirt and new guy Dave took the 14 shirt. Gaz was 15 as always.

The first half kicked off and Sandbach had a man advantage, playing 15 vs 14. You wouldn't have known it though as Carrington played the better rugby for the first 10 minutes. Scrums were uncontested due to Carrington not having a complete front row and this probably robbed us of a potential weapon and it obviously took us a while to contend with this. Somehow, we took the lead after about 15 minutes with some good forward play allowing the backs to get quick ball and Rob darted over the line. The conversion was missed and the score was 5-0 to Sandbach. Unfortunately, in the build up to the score, there was an injury to the talismanic & inspirational captain (me) who was forced to play the rest of the game at a hobble. Carrington were fired up by the score and came back at Sandbach and scored their first try of the game from a well worked move and their player went under the posts, making the conversion a formality, and they lead 7-5 after about 20 minutes. A few harsh words from Babs were exactly what the Greenies needed and the rest of the half was all Sandbach. We scored our second try with about 5 minutes left in the half and was converted and it was excellent to hear people talking about getting another score before the half ended to ensure we turned round in the ascendancy. More excellent was the fact that we actually did score before the half and turned round 17-7 up.

The second half was a bit of a blur to be honest and I can't really remember what happened in any particular order. I know we scored a few more tries, only for Carrington refuse to give up and score another one of their own, and then for
both teams to swap 1 more score each before the final whistle. The 1 thing I do remember is THE conversion of the season. Out on the touchline, Babs steps up for the kick (who knows why - I don't think anyone else wanted it so fair play to him).....and he only goes and nails it perfectly from what should have been his "wrong" side. Even more memorable was his celebratory jig as he realised he'd made it!!

Anyway, the final whistle went soon after and the score was 44-17 to Sandbach. The drinks in the bar after the game certainly tasted sweeter this week, as did the jugs bought by Rob for his hat-trick and by Babs for scoring his first ever points for the club.

We have a week off next week - possibly due to Cup games?? - and so we should all take the time to get any niggling injuries sorted and to get mentally ready for the run in to the end of the season as there are only 8 games left!! The 3s have a game (weather permitting) so if you do fancy a run out, let Pickers know.

A Huge thank you first of all to Joe Cooper who stepped up at the last minute to ensure the game went ahead by reffing the game for us. Thank you to Tom, Ryan, Dave & Preeny who allowed Carrington to field an almost full team by each playing a half for them, thanks to Carrington for very enjoyable, fair game and to the supporters for supporting us.


Best move of the match: Most of our tries were very well constructed and well worked.

Funniest moment of the match: Definitely Babs celebrations from his conversion.

Sandbach were: 1. Jammer 2. Howeller 3. Babs 4. Andy 5. Paul S 6. Ryan 7. Rich G S 8. Tony 9. Me 10. Ed 11. Dom 12. Rob

13. Skippy 14. Dave 15. Gaz 16. Preeny 17. Tom

Tries: Rob x 3, Dom x 2, Skippy x 1, Preeny x 1, Gaz x 1
Pens: none
Convs: Ed x 1, Babs x 1

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