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Under 09

Telford Festival

Sun 26 April 2009
26 April, Telford Festival It was great to be able to play against different teams today and in such great weather. Even though the ground was hard it didn't dampen the enthusiasm all players showed in wanting to play good rugby today. Congratulations to Max "Tornado" Beadle today. His first competitive match and he showed all our seasoned players how effective straight and hard running is, how effective good tackling is, and how much yardage we can gain by driving into and over the ball at the ruck. A very brave and very good performance, welcome to the team and thank you. We saw some fantastic runs, some good tackling, and we have started to see some positive rucks. Our mauling generally is fine - we have a strong bunch of lads who love to get in close and tough the ball out. But ........ we also had some absolute howlers today, and we're not unique, other teams do it too!, we dropped some easy balls and ran into trouble or sideways too many times. Remember; run straight into gaps, commit the defender and offload to a supporting player - we do it quite well in training and we must transfer this to the pitch. We lost 2 out of our 3 games today and the score disguises the fact that they were very close contests and had we done a few things as well as we can do - we would have won all 3 - of that I have no doubt! It's the end of the season and I am sure that when the new season starts we will concentrate on sharpening ourselves by; <> being 10% sharper in defence <> making every tackle and not just 90% of them <> running straight and hard (like Tornado Beadle) <> passing the ball onto a running <> making full use of our strength by getting into disciplined rucks and mauls <> communicating more Game 1: v Shrewsbury Won 20 - 0 Try scorers: Ewan 1, Lawrence 1, Oliver 1, Patrick G 1 Game 2: v Melbourne Lost 0 - 10 Game 3: v Telford Lost 5 - 10 Try scorers: Lawrence 1 Have a great summer - well done everyone! Steve

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