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Under 14

Pwhelli (Tour) 17 - Sandbach 10

Sun 24 April 2005

Under 14s Tour

6 Nations Champions Host World Champions

A convoy of vehicles left Sandbach during the 22nd April to travel to the Llyn Peninsula for our
tour. For those of us who could not travel early in the day we were lucky enough to arrive at our
campsite, just outside of Llanbedrog to find a small tented city. In true Jon Stubbs fashion it
included a covered bar-b-q and seating all under canvas.
Everybody managed to tuck into a takeaway just before the heavens opened. All the parents sat there
and groaned remembering our last foray to this part of the world last September when it virtually
rained non stop for 24 hours.
Soon there was a sea of mud but this did not dampen the boys spirits when summoned to display their
silly tour hats and Walnuts every time the duck whistle was blown. They soon caught on that to leave
a hat or Walnut lying around probably meant it would disappear without trace and you would be in for
the next forfeit for being careless with your possessions.
After a number of attempts most of the boys did get to bed without too much noise. Just one or two
did not understand what "Go to Sleep now" really meant.
With such a late night under their belts it was surprising to see so many up and about before 8am.
However Jon and Mick Stubbs had beaten them all and were busy getting the Bar B Q prepared for a
sumptuous breakfast of sausage bacon and egg. It was all at a very leisurely pace and after numerous
runs for the team for missing silly hats and Walnuts we got on our way in now dry weather to Morfa
Nefyn beach.
A small initiative test was now in order and the boys, in pairs, had to build and fly a mighty
looking two string kite. Suddenly the sky was full of brightly colored kites dive bombing anyone
foolish enough to stand still more than a few seconds. Somehow Tom Stubbs had his kite in the sky
first and this was followed closely by Simon Phillips and James Mitchell. Will Hopley did manage to
hit Ben Trump but luckily there was no injury. The boys decided this was a much better option than
going for a swim as the sea was a healthy 11C and the kite flying went on for nearly an hour. As the
tide went out we headed along the beach to the Ty Coch inn where an impromptu game of touch took
place whilst the adults took on board some badly needed refreshment before the long trek to the end
of Porth Dinllaen. Once at the life boat station Joe Abblett somehow ended up in the water having to
retrieve a walnut.
The return journey to the cars required a walk through the centre of the golf course and I am not
sure what some of the players thought as they suddenly had a very appreciative gallery of followers
clapping every shot.
We returned to the campsite and the bar-b-q was lit for the evening meal. This signified another
walk for all the boys along Llanbedrog beach to allow our own Gourmet Chef to prepare what can only
be described as an Atkins diet special of burgers, sausages and kebabs. For the boys taking a short
cut back from the beach they had to endure yet another run to the Slate Mine. It seemed that they
still had not learnt their lesson yet but some were catching on quickly, especially those with
numerous hats dotted around the camp site for quick retrieval when necessary. The eating and
drinking went on long into the night but some of the boys were showing signs of not being able to
take the pace and retired early.
Sunday morning arrived in glorious sunshine and after another wonderful spread from the John and
Mick Stubbs gourmet cook book we were off to Pwllheli rugby club for what we all expected to be a
tough encounter.
The Welsh began by telling us that they lifted in the line out so our Scrum half Connor Macevoy was
nominated for being launched at every line out and when the ball was sent down the middle of the
line he did manage to compete.
The game started fast with Pwllheli rucking furiously and on many occasions driving us off the ball
but our forwards hung in there and slowly began to hold their own ground. Eventually Pwllheli made a
break and scored under the posts and followed it with an easy conversion.
The game continued at a pace with both sides coming close. Sandbach tackling for their lives.
Special mention must go to Joe Peover and Ian"izzy" Roberts for their fearless tackling. After a
time when Sandbach hand been applying pressure to Pwllheli we were awarded a penalty just a few
yards from their try line. Once again our penalty move confused all of the home side and Lee Imiolek
scored in open space. With just a few more minutes of the first half remaining Pwllheli managed to
score another try so we went in 12-5 down at half time.
With 21 boys on tour it was important that they all got on the pitch during the match at some point
so various changes were made and it was off again for the second half.
The starting pace in the second half was as quick as the first half but Sandbach were starting to
make more of their possession. Izzy nearly got through with a stunning high catch and scorching run
only to be pulled up by the whistle. The boys efforts paid off when Chris"Chunky" Bailey took the
ball at full tilt and ran more than half the length of the pitch out running all of the Pwllheli
defense and scoring in the corner.
At 12-10 down we felt we were just starting to get the upper hand but a couple of times our forwards
held onto the ball just too long when it should have gone out wide and we were not able to
capitalize on our possession.
Pwllheli came back in the last couple of minutes to score a closing try ending the game winners at
It was a tremendous game and all who took part should be proud of their efforts. It was a great game
by both teams.
The home team had put on a good spread of food for lunch and Jon Stubbs and Team captain Tom Stubbs
thanked the home side for their hospitality.
We returned to the campsite to clear away and then headed for Go karting at Glasfryn. This was where
we found that some of our smaller team players are pretty mean on the race track showing aggression
not seen on the rugby field.
We moved on to Trefor for a light tea in glorious sunshine then the journey back to Sandbach.
We must thank the parents who traveled with us for the weekend and to Jon Stubbs and Andy Imiolek
for their efforts in organizing such a fun tour. It was also good to see the boys participate in the
games over the weekend in the right spirit.

Jon would like to thank all the coaches players and parents for what has been a great season.

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