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Under 09

Northwich 5 - Sandbach 15

Sun 12 December 2004

Squad: Chris Jackson, Kieran Leese, Jake Dobson, Charlie Rogerson, Megan Standring, James Barry, Joseph Jackson, Joe Stock, Loucas Thomas-Garrett, Danny Owen, Alastair Thompson, Anthony Dowell, Stephen Lynch, Dominic Evans, Robert Coggon, George Beal, Max Bonar-Law, Thomas Stakes, Jake Harrison, Jake Armitage, Nathan Norwood, Matthew Mangan, Harry Broady.

Match 1: Northwich 5, Sandbach 15
Try scorers: Chris Jackson, Robert Coggon, Jake Dobson

On a cold grey morning, Sandbach started well against Northwich, dominating possession in the first half. Some strong forward driving from Max Bonar-Law and Robert Coggon allowed Jake Dobson to make headway into their opponents half and keep up the pressure near their line. Only some strong defensive work from Northwich denied Sandbach a score in the first half. However, Northwich scored a break away try before the break despite most of the action being in their own half. Alastair Thompson deserves special mention for some very strong tackling.

The second half saw both teams open up their play, which suited Sandbach, enabling them to display some excellent passing skills. Sandbach exerted pressure from the whistle with Joseph Jackson on a run from the half way line, stopped only by a great tackle from Northwich. Sandbach displayed some great ball handling skills resulting in a try from Chris Jackson. Kieran Leese and George Beal stopped a certain try by Northwich with some strong tackling. Following a break from Northwich, Anthony Dowell managed to steal the ball for Robert to score the second try to take Sandbach into the lead. After the second try, Sandbach exploded into action and a neat little side-step from Jake Dobson saw Northwich wrong footed and Jake go over for the third try. The last few minutes saw Northwich conceding penalties through frustration and some excellent support play was seen from Alastair Thompson and Max Bonar-Law.

Match 2: Warrington 20 Sandbach 15
Try Scorers: Danny Owen (2), Anthony Dowell

The first half saw some great tackling from both teams. Stephen Lynch and Charlie Rogerson in particular were putting in some stunning tackles with Jake Harrison having his game of the season so far, as he was everywhere. Warrington took an early lead with a great try and despite some strong mauling from Sandbach, Warrington scored again just before the half time whistle.

At the start of the second half Sandbach’s tackle rate improved but Warrington managed to get through Sandbach’s line again to score their third try. This time Sandbach responded with a fantastic passage of play starting with Charlie Rogerson on a great run, passing to Jake Harrison for Danny Owen to go over in the corner for Sandbach’s first try of the game. Excellent support play was seen from Joe Stock, Dominic Evans and Nathan Norwood in this period, with Danny Owen just being denied in the corner. A few minutes later however Danny went for the corner again and this time was successful. Sandbach continued to play well with Anthony Dowell scoring from a strong drive. Unfortunately Warrington proved too strong on the day and from a period of pressure managed to score a final try to seal their win.

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