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Under 12

Sandbach 47 - Newcastle 0

Sun 6 February 2005

The pitch was very wet with standing water in places. Newcastle arrived in big numbers so for once we would get games between reasonably well matched teams in both matches.

Newcastle kicked off and Sandbach failed to deal with it leading to a scrum to Newcastle about 10 metres from our line. The Sandbach scrum then relieved the pressure by taking the ball against the put in, this was to be a recurring theme of the day. Moore kicked but simply found a Newcastle player in space and so the pressure was back on us. The Sandbach tackling was very good and the ball was ripped off the Newcastle players in contact. Cooper surged for the line and carried two Newcastle players over with him to score the team’s first try, converted by Gross. Once again Sandbach made a dreadful hash of fielding the restart kick and gave away a 5 metre scrum to the opposition and once again the Sandbach Forwards won the ball against the put in to rescue the team. The play moved up the pitch again and under immense pressure from the Sandbach defensive line, Newcastle tried to pass out of trouble only for Smith to intercept and go over for the second try, again converted by Gross. This time Sandbach managed the restart well. The next 6 minutes saw the game fall foul of the conditions with it becoming bogged down in the central portion of the pitch. The Sandbach defence was working well and turned the ball over on a number of occasions but there was a propensity to get isolated and make the Forwards work even harder. The Sandbach scrummage was rock solid on their own ball and highly disruptive on the Newcastle put in. The line out too was going well and Standring took a great two handed catch on Newcastle’s throw and set off up the pitch with a bullocking run. From a rehearsed line out move the ball went out to Robinson who fed Smith on a lovely line to go over for the third try which went unconverted. Half time came with the team 19 points to nil up. The coaches urged the players to improve their rucking and to tighten up their play to get rid of the little mistakes. Sandbach kicked off and followed up well, the first two rucks were text book stuff with the body angles being lower and the ball protected and well presented at the back for Moore to get away. Following a good surge up the right hand touchline, Cooper and Standring took the ball over with the try being awarded to Standring and converted by Gross. We were also treated to the sight of a Newcastle player taking the ball into contact, the maul formed, Sandbach stole the ball and the Forwards drove the maul a full 15 metres up the pitch before releasing the ball to Moore to set the Backs free. Smith then barrelled over for his third of the day, Gross adding the extras. The next try started wide out on the right wing and through great passing Jepson came on an arcing run, straightening up beautifully to leave enough room for Allen to go over for a try in the left corner and Gross to add to his haul for the day. Sandbach actually lost control of one scrum on their own put in, the ball came out and Full Back Hurlstone-Johnson showed great awareness to cover for the stranded Scrum Half and tidy things up. Newcastle then took the ball into a maul in the middle of the pitch, Cooper emerged from the maul and found himself with an unobstructed run to the try line for the final try converted by Gross. Special mention goes to Barton, Cooper, Stops, Bordill and Standring who worked together as a pack of Forwards and destroyed Newcastle in the tight and dominated the loose play. All in all the coaches are very pleased with the free scoring approach but just as impressed with the defensive play.

Player of the match went to Jake Standring for his best performance to date in a Sandbach shirt.

Team: Barton, Cooper, Stops, Bordill, Standring, Moore E., Robinson, Allen, Smith, Jepson, Gross, Hurlstone-Johnson.

Sandbach 2nds 15 Newcastle 2nds 25
Newcastle brought enough players to field a second team that was bolstered by a few players from their 1st team. The Sandbach team was given one order, make your tackles. The game started well and the team played to orders. There was a structure to the team’s play although all too often the ball carrier would go by themselves rather than pass to the rest of the team. The Forwards played well individually but not as a unit. The Backs were trying to run some pre-planned moves and had some success in this. Sam Thompson went over for the first try and Connor Benson and Matt Mason went over for the second, Mason being awarded the score, to take a 10 points to nil half time lead. Newcastle then strengthened their team and Sandbach replaced 5 Backs to ensure everyone got a game. The effect of the two changes was immediate as Newcastle’s 1st team player caught the ball and sped off up the pitch untouched to score one of five tries that were leaked in the second half. On a positive note, Sandbach went over for their third try.

Player of the match went to Sam Thompson for his best performance to date.

Team: Thompson S. Holbrook, Moore R. Mason, Thompson I., Benson, Blagbrough, Jackson (Estcourt), Sheen (Workman), Sharpe, Beresford (Cullinan), Muldoon (Mitchell).

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