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Under 09

Ruthin 25 - Sandbach 5

Sun 17 October 2004

Ruthin 17th October 2004

A squad of 26 travelled to Ruthin on Sunday, expecting a tough game after a draw and a defeat against them at the Stockport Festival earlier in the month.

We were able to field 2 teams against a strong Ruthin squad.

Squad: Chris Jackson, Kieran Leese, Charlie Rogerson, Megan Standring, Harry Broady, Matthew Mangan, Adam Lockett, Alastair Thompson, Jake Dobson, George Beal, Fred Green, George Hubbard, Dominic Evans, James Barry, Max Bonar-Law, Robert Coggon Daniel Powell, Jake Harrison, Joseph Jackson, Joe Stock, Thomas Stakes, Stephen Lynch, Loucas Thomas-Garrett, Danny Owen, Jake Armitage, Anthony Dowell,

Match 1: Ruthin 25 Sandbach 5
Try scorer: Kieran Leese

The first try of the game came from a Sandbach scrum 5 metres from the line, when Kieran Leese emulated the recent Harry Ellis try against Bath and sidestepped Ruthin’s defence for a try in the corner. Quickly Ruthin responded with 2 tries in succession but Sandbach continued to put in some excellent tackles notably from Adam Lockett and Anthony Dowell.
The second half saw some strong running from Ruthin and if it hadn’t been for some strong defensive tackling the scoreline would have been much worse. Max Bonar-Law, Jake Dobson, Joe Jackson all made key try saving tackles.

Match 2: Sandbach 25 Ruthin 5
Try scorers : Robert Coggon, Danny Owen (2), Charlie Rogerson (2)

Some strong running from James Barry enabled Robert Coggon to score the first try of the game. Pressure from Ruthin saw some fantastic tackling from Chris Jackson and Dominic Evans. The additional training sessions on Thursdays looked to be paying off with Sandbach starting to run into space. Jake Harrison made a great run down the line, but was tackled teasingly close to the try line. He managed to get the pass away to Charlie Rogerson who took it over the line (and very nearly over the dead ball line!) for our third try. Charlie made no mistakes about his second try as he weaved left and right to fox the Ruthin defence, The Ben Cohen dive was appreciated by the crowd!!!

The scoreline does not indicate how many awesome tackles were made by Sandbach to prevent Ruthin breaking through to score. Robert Coggon and Megan Standring in particular taking no prisoners today.

Our fifth and final try was a solo effort from Danny Owen who streaked the length of the pitch for a great try. Ruthin never gave up however and in the last few minutes they took their chances and matched Danny’s try with one of their own the length of the pitch.

Match 3: Sandbach 10 Ruthin 10
Try scorers : George Beal, Joe Jackson

This game saw a marked improvement on the teams performance just an hour earlier. They immediately started to pass the ball more, run into space rather than people and were quicker to get the ball away after going to ground. George Beal scored a great try from a set piece, but this moment was surpassed later in the half when he could be seen charging down the line with 4 Ruthin players hanging on to various parts of his body unable to even slow him down!

The second half saw Sandbach piling on the pressure, but Ruthin intercepted the ball in the last seconds, for them to score an equalising try.

Match 4 : Sandbach 15 Ruthin 10
Try Scorers : Charlie Rogerson, Jake Harrison, Chris Jackson

This last match of the day saw one of the best moves with Chris Jackson supplying Jake Harrison with a fantastic pass in to space, giving him a clear run at the line, with excellent support play from everyone. Despite Ruthin coming back strongly, Sandabc held on and continued to attack. Some great handling from Jake Armitage and Matthew Mangan allowed Sandbach to apply more pressure, but were just deigned a final score by some last ditch tackles from Ruthin.

Overall a great day in very pleasant surroundings. All players who travelled had a good run out and the supporters appreciated some excellent rugby. Thanks to players and parents for travelling and to Ruthin for their hospitality.

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