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Under 14

Sandbach 5 - Stoke 34

Sun 7 October 2012

Sandbach 5 Stoke 34


Freedom of the press….as the Stephenson enquiry draws to a close, serious issues have been highlighted as to the content and freedom to express oneself on this page….threats have been made, revenge promised (litigation perhaps) and editorial licence talked about as well as dodgy punk2ation.. (so what if I was a teacher…have I told you lately…..)


Am I downhearted?  Shall I be stifled?  Will I write more about the matches?

The answer to all these is most definitely not.


Now to the game… as the soccer parlance goes “A game of 2 halves”


The lads started brightly enough against what turned out to be a “B” side and even took the lead, Josh Brookes going over in the corner. Stoke fought back and despite some great tackling by the back row of David, Alex Walker (great debut there) and Ben (is he injured yet) Wilson. We got to half time 12 – 5 down.


Then they brought on the “A” team.  When asked to produce a birth certificate their number 8 said that he hadn’t got his handy but would his driving licence do.


This leads us to a real issue that needs to be addressed. It seems that every week we are confronted by children who are twice the size of ours; the fault I feel must be laid squarely at parents. We need to be more proactive, therefore I suggest that we maker October, make your son bigger month.  Dress them in adult clothes, walk on your knees (to make them feel taller), buy small pets (to make them feel bigger), smaller furniture, encourage hair growth (a Fellani will do), anything to encourage growth and the feeling of hugeness. On the subject of hair growth , why are they so fascinated by 1 hair as long as it grows in the right location and why must they empty a whole can of Lynx at one go (it won’t hide personality defects)


Back to the game and I am afraid it was pretty much one way traffic in the second half as a very good Stoke side put us to the sword, despite some heroic defending, Luke (Arnie) Pickles showing his aggressive side for the second time in a weekend. We ended as sick as a parrot, but we intend to take each game as it comes, attack when we have the ball and defend when we haven’t (soccer homage).


There are encouraging signs though and I am sure the good times are only around the corner. The forwards were a match for Stoke in the scrum (although we must strive to get to the breakdown quicker, together and with more oomph); the backs too competed well with another good game from Jake on the wing. The twins put the required effort in with Ollie showing his considerate side by putting a lump on his head for identification purposes. The final score was a bit one sided but it was to the lads credit that they kept it respectable with some good defensive play.


Forward of the Week: Monty Weatherby

Back of the week: Josh Brookes (dad was a bit too knowledgeable with Vaseline and carpet burns on knees)

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